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Permanent Makeup

Before and After Photos

*The following photo's are cropped to respect the identity of the client. All colour, shape and thickness of line has been decided by the client.

before and After picture

This eyeliner is between the lashes on the upper lid and below the lashes on the lower lid, the colour used is black. This colour was implanted approximately 10 years ago. On 95% of clients black eyeliner should be considered permanent. This is why one should remain reasonably conservative. The top liner is called a lash enhancement as it is tattooed within the lash line.

This lip line implant is photographed at different angles and different times of the day to show you possible colour fluctuations. This can be caused by temperature, hormones and what makeup or moisturizers you are wearing at the time. This lip line was done five years ago. This colour is a very natural colour. Colour choices vary greatly.

before and After picture

This is a before and after photo of a lip line at one week old. This is a reasonably natural colour.

before and After picture

This photo was taken before and straight after the treatment. As you can see the implant looks slightly swollen and the colour appears very dark when it is first done and looks similar to liquid eyeliner. This will settle down after approximately 4 days.

before and After picture

This photo was taken straight after top and bottom eyeliner and eyebrow implant.

before and After picture

This photo is an eyebrow implant that is 5 years old and is good example of a very natural blonde colour

before and After picture

Permanent Makeup

Imagine the convenience of starting the day with your Eyeliner, Eyebrows, Lip colour or Lip liner already in place with Permanent Makeup.

Imagine the freedom and increased self confidence of knowing that your particular makeup preference is permanent.

Permanent Makeup lasts up to five years, often longer. You can sleep, swim, perspire, cry, wash and touch your face and your makeup remains in place. No more smudging.

Permanent Makeup is also referred to as “Cosmetic Tattoo”, or “Micro pigmentation”. It is the perfect solution for your makeup needs.

The Procedure Explained

After you have arrived at Face The Art, I will take some time to sit down and discuss your choice of Permanent Makeup. Including the colour and shape you want to achieve. We refer to previous client photos’ and to colour charts. I will assess the colour of your Makeup and natural skin tone. I take a photo and start your client record file, recording all of the procedure for future reference .I draw in the exact shape of the area to be coloured. This is used as our guide and also gives us the opportunity to check that the balance and symmetry is perfect.

I then put the machine together using all pre-packaged and disposable parts. After I mix your colour, I check this again with you. I then turn on the machine so you get to see and hear how it works. I then give you the option to run it on your hand so you can see how gentle it is. It is not like a traditional tattoo machine, it is very small and gentle. I then apply a topical anaesthetic for 15 minutes, to help numb the area before we begin. I also apply more anaesthetic as we progress through the treatment to make it as comfortable as possible for you. For a full lip colour, local anaesthetic is available if preferred. I then apply the colour gently using more anaesthetic as we go. This enables me to keep the area numb during the procedure. This is the most comfortable method for applying a cosmetic tattoo. When your Treatment is completed, I give you a bag containing everything you will need to take care of your Permanent Makeup, Post Treatment Instructions, Bepanthen crème, Tissues, Cotton Tips etc. Then I take another photo for your file and off you go.


Eyebrow Feathering. IE: Hair Strokes, Emboidery, Microblading.


Eyebrows are arguably the most important facial feature. If you’re not satisfied with the ones you have, Feathering may be one of the ways to update them.

Feathering is a very natural option that delivers semi-permanent results. Unlike the sometimes Sharpie-esque effects of permanent makeup, Feathering is more like embroidery strokes that look just like real hairs.

Feathering is one of the brow procedures gaining popularity, it is also known as eyebrow embroidery it is not new it has been done for many years.

Feathering uses a very fine blade to deposit pigment under the skin giving the appearance of hair.

Feathering is individual hair like strokes, created one by one is perfect for those who want to, fully reconstruct, or create a new shape, define, cover gaps, or fill in overplucked eye brows.

During the Feathering process we use a special micro pen to draw on individual strokes one by one. It’s an extremely meticulous process that takes up to 2  hours to complete.

The first step is to design the desired shape . This is the most important step. During this time, the best customized shape for every client is chosen.




If you are nervous on the day, you can take a Panadol. This works on the nerve endings and is very helpful. Or alternatively Panadeine or Mersyndol which does the same and also helps you relax. It is important not to take any vitamin B or Aspro at least 2 weeks before any procedure.

For any lip treatment: If you have ever had a cold sore , even if it was over ten years ago it is very important to follow these instructions: L-Lysine tablets need to be used at least a weeks prior too and after the treatment. And also Zovirax cream needs to be applied to the lip area for at least 4 days prior too and after the treatment. This helps to prevent a break out.


Post Treatment Care

There is no pain following your treatment. I will provide a small container of Bepanthen Cream. This can be purchased from most chemists if required. Bepanthen is a Barrier creamand an antiseptic cream, which contains Benzalkonium Chloride, which is a safe and effective antiseptic agent that helps protect against infection.

No soap, cleansers or water can be used on the treated area for at least four days. This would be detrimental to the bonding process that must take place for the pigment to become stabilized in the dermis. Apply Bepanthen cream with a cotton tip in gentle dabbing manner The Cosmetic Tattoo must be kept moist for successful healing. To maximize results, the cream must be applied approximately every two hours for the first four days. Then morning and night for the next month until the skin has healed and is smooth. Only a thin smear of Bepanthen cream is necessary.
No makeup should be applied on your Cosmetic Tattoo for at least four days. Do not pick or scratch the area, let the scaling fall off when it is ready. Picking or scratching at the Cosmetic Tattoo will dislodge the pigment before the skin has had a chance to heal. As this can result in uneven colour, it is best avoided. Colour will appear intense immediately following the procedure. This is because the pigment on the surface forms a seal. This seal will hold the implanted pigment in the skin until the skin heals. Then the surface pigment will dry out and flake off. Once this process is completed the colour will lighten and soften. After four weeks the healing will be completed under the skin and the true colour can be appreciated. This is the best time to judge the results.

With eyebrows a slight swelling may occur lasting around twenty-four hours. Your eyebrows may weep a clear fluid for up to twenty-four hours following your treatment. This is perfectly normal. It is extremely important to keep this fluid wiped off the area and not allowed to dry. If this fluid is allowed to dry out it will form a crusting or scab and can pull the pigment out of the skin. Every time this fluid is gently wiped away remember to reapply your Bepanthen Cream. It is also important to note that the colour will be very intense until the healing process is completed and the surface flakes off.
Eyeliner tends to be the area that swells the most. This is caused by the anaesthetic and will subside after twenty-four hours. This is normal and can be alleviated by using a cold compress or ice around the area (not directly on the tattoo). There is no pain after this treatment although your eyes will feel slightly touch sensitive for a few days. Again the colour will be very intense until the healing process is completed and the surface flakes off.

Lip Line & Lip Shading
With a Lip procedure there may be some swelling and this usually lasts approximately twenty-four hours. The area will be touch sensitive for a couple of days and will start to dry out straight away. Remember to keep your Cosmetic Tattoo moist with Bepanthen cream. Alternatively if you suffer with cold sores, use Zovirax cream, prior to your Bepanthen cream application. With lips the colour can appear more or less intense at different times of the day and month. This is due to body temperature changing and hormonal changes during the month. Again the colour will be very intense until the healing process is completed and the surface flakes off.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it look like on the skin?
Like Cosmetic pencil. With the eyebrows, the more you have, no matter how fair or dark it is the more natural it looks. With the eyeliner implant, you can achieve any effect from natural to dramatic, depending on the style chosen.

The lip liner can be thick, thin, shaded or full lip colour depending on your individual choice. The colour is chosen at your consultation and can be matched to your preferred shade.

Does it hurt?
The area to be worked on can be mildly uncomfortable, although with the assistance of cream anaesthetic, the treatment is usually pain free. The results and years of looking great more than justify the slight discomfort of the short treatment. Every client has thought it well worth the effort.

How do i know I have chosen the best technician?
At Face The Art you can be assured you are receiving the best….

At your initial consultation, there will be an extensive photo library available to you. Karen Norris Treloar is fully qualified technician, with extensive training in cosmetic tattoo with over 20 yrs of continuous hands on experience.
At Face The Art, all disposable parts are used. The only part of the machine that is not disposable is the engine. You can be assured that a high quality of hygiene is strictly adhered to.
At Face The Art our prices are competitive, your consultation is free and any touch ups are included in the initial price and you receive a